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It's called critical thinking. Plato first came up with the notion of critical thinking and it is the basis of all science.

If you read Plato's writings today they can seem as bizarre as any ancient religious text does today. He put fish in a bucket and then killed them to see if life had (what 4,000 years later we now call) mass. That was pretty radical stuff in a culture that thought Zeus came from the heavens and Atlas held up the world.

You can't apply your modern perspective to the ancient world and make fair comparisons.

I think you will find DesCartes work to be interesting as you seem to have similar views. Besides being one of the great mathematicians that invented the X and Y coordinate system - the Cartesian plane - he was also a great philosopher. As if creating the basis of graphs and television/computer graphics wasn't enough he came up with, "Cogito ergo sum", I think therefore I am - the basis of modern philosophy.

Perhaps if you study some science and philosophy it will not be so hard to see how they are related to each other.
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