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Originally Posted by LoneWolfRC View Post
my take on this is under load, the measured voltage will be much less than after you land.

I set my alarm to 3.3 and 3.4 volts per cell, but would get alarms way earlier than necessy.

I have since disabled this alarm, and instead fly my normal times and check the voltage after I land.
Yes but the minimum voltage rating is based on voltage "under load".If your hitting a minimum voltage during a flight much earlier than its capacity is being used it means one thing.Lack of ability to provide current(C rating).What it says on the label and what it will actually do in use may be 2 completely different things for a few different reasons.The bottom line is that your voltage is dropping to or below minimums "under load".
The pack is either not able or is no longer able to deliver the necessary current for the application.Shutting the alarm off is IMO like putting a penny in the fusebox because the fuse wont stop blowing.
The consequenses of continuing to use it? I wont go into that.It will probably just start another argument.
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