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Originally Posted by RWalker View Post
we're going to explore the DIY route.
FWIW, I've connected a FrSky 2.4GHz Futaba compatible plug in module to a Futaba 6XHS (Field Force 6) which doesn't have a module socket. At the time, the hack modules weren't available, but those might be a better option now. The only real issue I've had is with the push fit connectors, so a soldered in solution would be preferable.

Here's where I drew my inspiration:

Using Frsky modules in other transmitters (as a 'hack module)

That whole thread is worth a read, but the first post more or less covers it, except it was later revealed that the centre pin isn't unconnected; I think it's connected to ground, IIRC. It seems that's an optional signal to tell the transmitter the module is functioning correctly - optional in the sense that you can just ground it, but probably can't just leave it disconnected.

Here's a synopsis of the 5 pin Futaba pinout, according to the slightly mysterious Terry Keeley:

"Found this pinout for the Futaba FP-TP tx module that's in the 3PJ, 7U, 8U, 9C & 9Z:

looking at the back of the transmitter, antenna pointing away from you:

left side
#1 PPM
#2 switched battery positive
#3 RF good (pulled low through a transister when signal is present at the final amp)
#4 ground
#5 RF out
right side

- That corresponds to the pinout that's been agreed for the 5 pin FrSky Futaba compatible plug in module, so plugging one of those in (and packing with foam, as RWalker suggested) should work fine.

The fifth pin is RF Out on the original RF module, but isn't connected on the FrSky module - the 2.4GHz signal comes out of its own antenna, mounted on the back of the module.

I guess you could use the shell of an original module to make an adaptor, and fill in with scrap EPS and a few dabs of white gorilla glue (which expands nicely to fill the gaps). You'd need to grease that part of the case with something temporarily, to make sure the gorilla glue didn't stick the module in permanently. I've used vaseline to do similar things but some people say it's bad for the plastic. I don't suppose it does much harm if you clean if off afterwards.
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