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Originally Posted by stone_axe View Post
There is room in science for religion and there is room in religion for science.

You need to check your history because almost all of the great Western scientists; Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler and Newton were educated in Catholic schools or were priests themselves.

It is true that their findings were refuted by the papacy and Galileo had to recant his findings on his deathbed in order for his children to continue to receive his substantial stipend from the Catholic Church.

While Europe was in the Dark Age the Catholic Church spent huge amounts of money to create an advanced education system, sought out top minds and paid them large amounts of money to study science. That system brought us Galileo, Copernicus, Kepler and Newton. That system brought us our current cosmology and the laws of physics that took America to the moon.

You can't just say that Christianity is the enemy of science when they went to such great expense to foster the greatest scientists in the world.

Idiots that use a literal translation of the Christian Bible have no business discussing science if they don't understand the history of Christianity.
so In other words, unless you twist what the bible says so as to suit ones own sensibilities and reconsile differences with modern science, you are an idiot...

interesting. Why read the book only to twist it in the first place?

and BTW, just because some great people were following the mainstream religion of the time (when to not do so would be heracy) that doesn't lend any credence to the religion.
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