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Originally Posted by Extreme_RC View Post
I believe figures taken after 20+ seconds of continuous WOT running are worthwhile figures, they show us how much the battery voltage has dropped under the load which gives a good indication of whether the load is too much for the battery being used, and they show us a fairly stable rpm and thrust reading if the equipment is on hand to record it.
I also record these figures for future reference and my own understanding of the expected performance.

To me, the main valuable bits of data are:

Volts minimum or volts under full load (Is this battery going to cut it? Maybe the load is too much?)
Amps during first 20 secs while running (Can the motor take it or is it likely that I will have to deal with a deadstick sooner rather than later)
Motor temps after run if amps are within reason(Is this thing going to cook?)
Thrust after the first 20-30secs(Will this thing accelaratey my plane the way I want after it takes off?)

The above help me understand what sort of performance I should expect to get in the air.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to fully clarify my thought processes in these pages due to other priorities (Very demanding job,, Wife, Kids, building and flying models....)
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