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Great post. We don't really realize how well we have it.

Originally Posted by stone_axe View Post
You don't trust our government? Really?

Have you been to other countries? Have you seen what they have for infrastructure?

Spend some time in China or India and you will quickly miss our roads, power grids and especially the EPA - yes the EPA. Forget about driving 65mph and limited access highways and expect brown-outs and super expensive electricity. But the pollution is the hardest thing to get used to, it takes weeks to get used to all the pollution. If you stay in Beijing above the 12th floor you will never see the ground.

Did I mention water and sewage? That's another thing you don't miss until you leave America. The line gets blurry between the two. Municipal sewage treatment is a good thing that you take for granted until you are exposed to open sewers being the norm. And the water comes from right where the sewage pours out.

And corruption, oh my goodness, if you think the American government is corrupt you should spend some time in India, Russia and Latin America. Corruption is right in your face there. Almost every public official is fully corrupt and any dealings you have with the government is little more than a bribery shakedown. I have to explain to the Indian and Russian employees of my company that they can't bribe police officers and that it is a major crime to offer them a bribe.

I'm not trying to pick on just China, Russia and India. The same could be said for most countries outside of Canada and Northern Europe - which have huge tax rates and socialized everything.

If you don't trust America, there are plenty of other options for you that have much less regulation. Why don't you give them a try?
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