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Hey biggie, i've been looking at helicopters. I still am probably going to eventually get a X5. But something else grabbed my attention. CopterX has cloned the Align 600E. It's a near identical clone too. The whole kit is only like $300 or something. I'm thinking about getting that and hybridizing it with Align parts and basically using Align for replacements. This seems like a really cheap way to get into a quality 600 heli and eventually get all the parts moved over to Align parts. ALTHOUGH! some people were saying they use the CopterX parts instead because some of the parts are better for one reason or the other. This is pretty interesting to me. Heli and parts availability is pretty limited though.

I suppose unless someone steps out and makes me an offer i guess i'm just going to hold on to my 2 v450s. I'll keep the brand new one on the the shelf for now. I'm going to keep flying mine with the new one's RX installed to see if any of the old failures occur again. Last time i tried this it took 14 or more flights till the issue occurred again. By that time i was convinced i had found and fixed whatever the cause was, then it would blackout again. If the RX does end up being the whole problem, especially after trying this once before..... well.. Lets just say i'm not holding my breath.

I don't suppose anyone has a 2702V they want to sell dirt cheap? /sigh

Oh well, here are 5 flights from yesterday. All in one video, Since i can do that now i wanted to see if it would let me do 30 minutes. So, It's about 30min long all together. I'm rusty and it's super windy so theres a lot of 8s going on between flips and things. I think i do pull some nice big arching loops though.

V450D01 - 10-09-12 - 5 consecutive flights (28 min 40 sec)
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