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Hi guys,
I haven't posted here in quite some time...just waiting on the never-ending winds to die down so I could get the maiden in.

Finally, got a pretty good day last week and took her out. She flew well, but really seemed down on power. I went with the stock motor, esc, etc, and used a program card to check/adjust all the esc settings.
She seemed to have enough power to fly, but that was about it. I had to stay near max the whole flight, definitely never less than 75% unless descending!

I was using (2) 1800mAh 30C 3s lipo packs in parallel. Got a good 7 minute flight with plenty left over. I have had, tooooo many EDFs over the years, but this one is about the most weakest of the bunch. I either overlooked something or something is not working correctly.

The only issue I know max throttle, this thing sounds like a wild pack animal in severe heat. It picks up some real bad harmonics right at WOT and just shreeks something awful. It is loud as crap and embarassing. I spent a LOT of time balancing the rotors, so will try again. Can't live with that sound. At 75% it sounds ok but barely holds level.

-need to find the source of the wail/scream.
-maybe try one of my 4s packs
-maybe go with a pair of spare Don's wicked motors I have on hand
-try resetting the esc (s)
-just run while holding it over my head and going 'vrooom, vrooom'?!

She flew level well, just slow. She landed great on the retracts and 1/2 flaps.
I flew twice with the same results.

One thing...what TIMING setting are you guys using on the motors? I will check on this too. I usually use 'low' setting since a lot of my planes do run on Don's wicked motors and he always calls for low setting. My larger EDFs sometimes run on low, medium, or rarely, hi.
Thanks everyone, your planes are looking great!
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