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Originally Posted by freechip View Post
It defaults to 3v per cell but you can always adjust it yourself. I think it's main reason for defaulting there was to help minimize the amount of rolling the roller in order to get to your desired value being 3.0 per cell or higher/lower.

The .3v has been discussed numerous times and it's a tolerance thing with the components issued or something along those lines.

If you are bumding the alarm as you put it when you are doing stunts, #1 maybe the alarm is set to high #2 maybe the pack is not rated enough for your setup #3 maybe the pack is that great a condition. So many factors you can consider, delaying the telemetry is probably what most other users would want out of a live telemetry information.
my take on this is under load, the measured voltage will be much less than after you land.

I set my alarm to 3.3 and 3.4 volts per cell, but would get alarms way earlier than necessy.

I have since disabled this alarm, and instead fly my normal times and check the voltage after I land.
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