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Originally Posted by rampman View Post
As I learn how to drive this to take advantage of the hybrid technology my mpg average on this tank gets better. At 64 mpg now with around 120 miles on tank.
IMO, why $hed the buck$ for a Volt or Leaf when this works so well?

Disclaimer: I am 55, can drive like I am 80 and live in Phoenix where the largest hill in the city is a mole hill.
Congrats on your purchase down there Rick. While guilty of being an inveterate Ford guy (including Jag of course :-), I bought a brand new Toyota Corolla for just under $2,100 in '70, and put 135,000 miles on it. Given wage stagnation since '73 here in the US, I think you made a wise choice. They are made here, so your dollars are paying American wages .. Thank You.

Certainly the tone of this thread is not anti-hybrid Rick, it's just the mattress dance with A123 and GM that gets negative attenion .. both having been given some extraordinary assistance, and many of us have an interest in the competitive development of LiFeP04 chemistry here in the states.

Thanks for sharing Rick .. enjoy the ride .. everything goes faster down hill amigo, even with aircon on
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