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Yes that is why I mentioned to choose the right components, ones that are not effected by 1.5 watt 1.2 video tx. Please go back and re read my post.

Certain servos, UHF control systems etc can be placed very close to high powered video tx.

The best set up is one that need very little separation, this includes the ground station

I done lots of experimenting re this matter

Choosing right or best components is very important and good to learn or teach others about

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Seriously David? You know good and well what other gear gets swamped by those +1W vtxs in close proximity. UHF control (maybe not your TSLRS that is what 2W and 8W boosted or something but the rest do), 2.4GHz control and GPS all get swamped.

Stand across from your friend and have a conversation, start walking away until you can't hear him anymore and mark the spot. Now put a radio in the mix and repeat set the radio on different volumes and repeat this test several times. As the radio volume gets louder the distance you can hear your friend decreases. This is an approximation of what we are doing to our gear every time we fly. A 1+ watt vtx is like putting a radio on full blast and walking away. The further away you get from the source the harder it gets to receive (hear) it. The receiver is essentially the plane's ears, you don't want someone screaming in it.
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