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Originally Posted by knifeedge63 View Post
i dont think the floor stiffener kit is really nessesary. Just a good metal motor mount like you just listed will work great. But if you want to get the floor stiffener.. go ahead! The quality of morgan mills products is outstanding
Kinda disagree with you here...part way, anyhow.

As prone to resonance as the FC fuselage seems to be (know a couple folks who've lost canopy/hatch covers when it got bad) and how compressed the nose goes when it goes in face-first I feel that SOME kind of stiffener is almost required. Hell, if for no other reason than to quell that WICKED buzz they get (again, resonance).

As far as what to use, there are certainly alternatives to the Morgan Mills floor kit (fitting the stiffeners from the Mentor kit, even large popsicle sticks/tongue depressors like my dad did) work well. Based on overwhelmingly positive reviews herein I have gone ahead and ordered the Morgan Mills kit for the build I have on my bench, along with their battery bullet assembly and just got notification they shipped today. I figure I'm going to add stiffening anyway, may as well use something tailor-made to the FC (especially since the price is SO reasonable) rather than cut in a hack. In fact I've already got another Mentor hardware kit (about 2-1/2 times the price of the Morgan Mills kit) to put those rails in.

What I WOULD pass on is a metal motor mount...if you're powering anywhere NEAR within reason (and the motor the op proposed certainly qualifies here) the stock mount is more than adequate...and "free" since it comes with the FC kit.
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