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Originally Posted by John Lueke View Post
One of the interesting aspect of ALES at the moment is that there is a variety of sailplane designs showing up to fly the contests. If and when the dust settles and only moldies fly ALES I think it will be less interesting because they all will look alike.

Consider the possibility that this is just another one of those things that will just constipate the "half empty" guys and will ultimately be resolved by the "half full" guys. Right now we have rules that are sorting themselves and which may drive the planes that today's "movers and shakers" fly in some particular direction (maybe toward moldies.) Maybe this will drive beer cooler flyers away. This would be unfortunate for everyone.

But it is also a sort of silly notion. If there is a demand for a different experience for some of us who don't want to fly moldies, for example, there is nothing to keep like minded "half full" guys from making it happen. And, as much fun as we are having, there is every reason to believe that we WILL get there. The guys who have gotten us this far have done a great job. It is incumbent for those of us who want something more or different to do more than "wish" things were different.

I like moldies. Not because I am good enough to fully use their capabilities, but because I like flying them. Other guys are going to like something else. And while I have no earthly idea what might come about, I am confident that if what is being offered right now does not meet a significant unfilled need, that many of those needs will be met by the kinds of creative people who are attracted to this activity.

It's all good.

Happy Landings,

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