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Originally Posted by T J Gilbert View Post
Don't be afraid to ask questions...
You are going to have to play detective really thoroughly...

Your battery/prop combination is okay.
Check the charged condition of your batteries.
Your gains are fine.
is a good staring point...

Something has changed from your original arrangement that is buggering your baro sensor. You need to go over your rig and check it. FC may be loose. A wire may be loose. What about bullet connectors and solder joints? Are you using the double sided tape supplied by DJI?
Also, double check your settings on the Assistant.

And some photos may still answer a lot...
Originally Posted by u2builder View Post
Wow, that sounds like it is in the Manual mode. Have you checked in Assistant to make sure that when the three position switch is in M, Atti, and GPS the appropriate buttons turn Blue?

BTW I first used the default gains in Assistant. I didn't know it at the time, but I believe they are for the 330. It flew fine. Then I changed them all the the gains recommended at the end of the newest manual. I also made a mistake and recalibrated the ICU even though it didn't need it. It still flies just fine and I notice no real difference from before I made these changes.
Originally Posted by MADHAT01 View Post
"I just tried flying it and it had wild fluctuations in altitude in both GPS and Attitude mode......"

Try recalibrating your tx. I had the same phenomenon when getting my latest quad dialed in. Tried a whole range of gains, no help. Then I thought maybe it was the receiver. Changed it out, no help. Changed location of the NAZA and the location of the receiver, again no help. As a last resort I did a tx calibration, cycled the FC while still connected to the assistant to verify the sliders were correct and low and behold, fixed.
I checked my gains and they are 145% for Basic and 135% for Attitude. I just dropped the Altitude/Basic to 135% as that's where everything was when I first put the F450 together. I'll fly it again tomorrow and if that doesn't work I'll recalibrate the transmitter. If THAT doesn't work then I'll set everything to defaults as specified in the manual.

I'll also check it for loose wires, Naza, etc. I'm using servo tape to attach the Naza to the frame. I forgot my camera so I can't take pics until I get home (don't like using my smartphone camera for detail shots).
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