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Completion of the "Tiger"!!!!

So here's the finishing-up of the "Tiger":

For the shiskabob skewer wing-hold-down, I used a cigarette lighter to heat the tip of an awl to melt a hole in the canopy, this worked really well and I think probably better than cutting a hole would have been.

Automatic Washout:
The turbulator/compression spars had the added benefit of inducing a small amount of washout into both wings. Since the forward top of the wing is resisting the compression of the tissue paper's tension as is was shrunk with water spray, the wing behind the turbulators was warped up under the tension of the shrinking tissue as it dried since there are no turbulators there, where there are tuburlators on top, there is resistance and thus no "pulling up" of the wing there. It came out pretty close to even.

I went out this morning for a really (too) short initial unpowered glide testing and trimming. It came out slightly nose heavy as measured against the marks on the plans for the Center of Gravity/Balance point. It flew like it too so I added a little bit of clay on the rear landing skid base. I took a backpacking stove with me to do some heat warping/unwarping and I did a little to try to even things up but ran out of time.

One thing it does is it really wants to turn right after what looks like a very slight stall when tossed into the almost-not-there- breeze(actually not a "breeze", just slight air movement).

Hopefully I'll have time tomorrow morning to do more.

Bruce, thanks again for all the trim advise you gave to Erratix(sp?), I printed off your posting and keeping it handy.

Adios - Paul
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