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Originally Posted by erasertech View Post
In your debrief you mention having to do a comms failure test ,were you required to do this with the plane in flight to see if it would loiter? How was this test done .
thanks in advance ,great work.
yes, it was during the autonomous part of the scrutineering flight. The scrutineers asked us to induce a comms failure, and they watched to see that the aircraft headed to the "airfield home" comms hold point within 10 seconds of the failure. It then loitered about that point, until we were told we could end the test, and re-establish comms.
In our case we'd asked the scrutineers in advance if we could induce a comms failure by disabling the GCS heartbeat sent to the plane, rather than turning the radios completely off. They agreed with that, which allowed us to continue to receive telemetry from the plane, which was nice (for logging, and seeing that we were well clear of the geo-fence).
I think some other teams (such as CompassUAV) just turned off their radios instead.

Cheers, Tridge
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