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Originally Posted by bobepine View Post
I just got up to find 9 PMs in my inbox.
<------ wearing big smile on face cause I'm one of them....Can't freaking wait!

Hey Chris, I have an idea that would help me out tremendously and probably bring you more business. (Not that you need it from the way sales are going )

I'm betting there's quite a few of us ready to make the jump from the toy to the hobby level, but really have no experience programing/setting-up the Tx hence keeping them from making the jump.

If you could make some sort of a "I just pulled my Armattan out of it's box and need to set-up Tx for flight" type of vid, I think quite a few more would jump. I've learned a ton from some of your vid's...Matter of fact; my charging set-up is a copy of yours. It (That Vid) gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on my current set-up after seeing how simple the B6-AC was to use....Thanks again!

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