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I am 'engineering/technical' background. I am in this hobby. This means I can 'see' what things matter - how they work, why, and why not etc.
The majority of other users here can't.
So they are relying on the posts by whoever - someone that knows, or not - as guidance.
"I will buy that because he said this about it... posted these numbers etc"
"They said I 'need' that".
etc etc
They can't even tell if what as posted was actually correct, close, likely to be right, or quite amiss.

I even had to do that some amount at first, seeing it was a 'new' area of specifics for me (though I have the technology building blocks to work anything out).... very quickly to find that most info is not of true use, or fully correct. Lots are... lots aren't.
Wasting money basically, whether ending up with ineffective results, or things that would not have lasted if not for my ability to assess a setup in advance to know better.

So whilst the majority are not technical, and may not want to know details, it would serve them well if they DID know... make the effort to know. And that needs decent/accurate and useful info supplied in the first place. Otherwise you learn the 'wrong' stuff.
Then can end up like occurs now... more is just 'parrot fashion' info handed down from one to the next etc, and distorted, inaccurate, not complete enough to truly tell a story etc.

Anyone that sees 'arrogance' or 'criticism' tends to have self-esteem issues themselves. Often seen when there is an interaction of 'higher intelligence' with another of 'less intelligence'. That is because the lower IQ cannot see and decipher the knowledge, its transfer, and instead they take it as an attack on their 'lack' of knowledge. "You are putting me down".
A higher IQ recipient LISTENS, and recognises what they didn't know, probably asks questions, but never takes the exchange as 'arrogance' or 'criticism'. Not unless it truly is criticism - which they can determine more accurately if it truly was or not. You can't determine things accurately if your base ability is lacking how to separate the factors properly in the first place.

You might feel like reading my X (100's) of posts, and you will find I never retaliate in 'Wahh, you were picking on me!". Even rarely 'retaliate' at all... just post back the reasons and 'facts' on why I disagree. Because I can always recognise that difference of what another person was truly TRYING to convey. Of course some are pure attacks on me... such as from those who 'sooked' over being 'criticised' (when it was not at all).... so seeing I can understand those responses too (unfounded by them, but I know why) I can just totally ignore them as not worth the time to sort out, or like even this case of yours (AirX) spend the time to further explain why... try to convey why it is not truly an attack (on Anlucas)... and even bother to do so at all.
From things I have read (posts) I see you DO know a lot. Thus 'worthy' of paying attention to... but it still needs 'checking' and verification, in case you error, or some bits you might not truly know. Or maybe, like above, have some bias in your response to support something not quite fully supportable... like a documentary might not truly be unbiased at all in many cases (but people just take as gospel)
LOL. delving into psychology now....
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