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Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
I'll let the issue lie. Nothing to be gained here. I appreciate the fact that Dr Kiwi and others have spent thousands of dollars and many years building up for us a database of real and reliable test numbers for a tremendous variety of RC power system components and programs with substance like Drive Calculator and MotoCalc can use this actual testing data to predict performance of an unbuilt system with great accuracy.

It's obvious that there are too many props available to be able to buy the gamut and test them. Let's take Eli's Slow Stick and grant him his restrictions of 9" to 13" diameters. Let's ask Drive Calculator which props fit in this range: it finds 33 9" and 9.5" props, 37 10" props, 21 11" props, 20 12" props and 20 13" props. Now at 50 apiece that's 131 props times 50. Only $65.00 worth of props for testing. What? It's more like $4.00 apiece? Still cheap, eh? Need I publish the list?

<irony>Oops, guess he was right. There ARE only 5 to 9 different props (plus 122) to test and it's cheap as beans. Hate it when I'm wrong. Okay, just buy the props and test 'em. It's cheap. I stand corrected.</irony>
For a Slow Stick, one will only be using 5 or 9 propellers. This is not rocket science, just models/toys. A propeller is a propeller. You are only going to save up to 25 % about.

I'm very confused why some really think it's a bad idea to test this stuff yourself. I didn't say Dr. Kiwi is bad, just that it is probably a waste of time because you'll spend lots of time having fun on it instead of using it. I know, because I've done that before.
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