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THanks Old,

I figure everyone likes their own things/ways. I just gotta play with it and figure out formyself I think.

Right now I have a very steep throttle curve its at 80% I think at the second position from the bottom. My friend told me to do it this way because they fly better with more headspeed.

My pitch right now I think its 40, 45, 50, 75, 100. Eventually I plan on 3D'ing a little so I need to make sure zero pitch is at the midsticks. which is how I have it set on my Blade MCPX as well.

Oh yea so tonight I made a heli landing pad out of some corregated plastic sheets from Home Depot, peice of wood and a screw and sharpie and bam! Now I can plop this down in that gravel area that took me out the first time its a little bigger thant he peice my friend had.

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