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Originally Posted by jasmine2501 View Post
It IS a spectrum though, Tom. Some people do go overboard, and going too far can sometimes cause a problem too. In addition to raining on everyone's parade, an overzealous safety officer can become focused on things that don't matter a whole lot, while ignoring the big picture. Some people really do need to lighten up - and reducing stress, so that you are in a clear frame of mind, is probably the most important safety factor anyway. I've known people who were so nervous about safety issues that they couldn't think straight, and thinking straight is safety issue number one. This discussion will never get old, and I think it's helpful to have it every now and then.
Well said. I think many clubs, safety officers, and the AMA are stuck in a by-gone technological era. The safety rules they are talking about, and the injuries they are talking about come from large models with glow and gasoline engines.

The planes I fly are made out of EPP foam, and the engine's on the back, and weigh under two pounds. The prop is held on with an O ring. Yes, you could have a really, really freak accident and hurt somebody, but there is no way that thing could kill somebody unless it startled them and they hit their head on a rock. My friend is learning to fly with a similar foam trainer. Its motor is on the front, but still it would take a very rare combination of events to injure somebody with that plane.

I actually think the OP (troll or not) message to lighten up is spot on. The technologies of electric and foam have the potential to make flying a hundred times safer and therefore more fun. No more cut fingers from adjusting needle valves. No more special benches and plane holders to protect you when you start the engine. The 2.4GH transmitter technology eliminates a large cause of crashes, frequency conflicts. No more accidently starting the engine at full throttle.
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