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Some folks have more money than time and others have more time than money, I guess there are those with neither, I happen to fall in the middle category. I am not willing to pony up the dough for those wonderful (worth every penny) moldies coming out of the shops. So I made my own! It takes a little practice to perfect the foam cutting, vacuum bagging and pod and boom making but once you have done so you can make an ALES eSupra for about $200-$250. That is just for the model alone, not the bagging equipment, pumps foam cutter etc. but you don't need all the fancy equipment either.

Now for the shameless plug because I am allowed but I even made instructional DVD's on how to do so. My goal is to get folks building and flying composite planes who are on a budget.

Winning with what you built from scratch is very rewarding too!

Here is mine:

Montana ALES
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