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Originally Posted by barrymore View Post
A very low wattage light bulb in the cooler with two thermostats with the apropiate temperature range in series. Just in case one sticks. This is unlikely with a device drawing so little current. Not new thermostats unless cheap either. Plenty of good used ones should be out there. Actually in this application I would never rely on just one thermostat.
Perfect, Barrymore! I've got a 15W bulb in a trouble-light in the cooler, and the temperature has plateaued at 40 F degrees above ambient. So even if the thermostat fails on, it shouldn't be a problem.

AeroKen, the garage is detached. A car returning from a trip will keep it reasonably warm for a while, but not something to rely on here on the prairies.

Ebill3, I would also have thought cold temps would not be a problem, but as I wrote a few posts back, the ThunderPower guys said not to let them get below 32. Perhaps they are doing a COA for lawsuits.
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