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Flight report, 3D foamy

Just installed on a 200g, EPP bipe.
Removed from the case, and hot-glued to vertical fuse section. Saved several grams of weight removing from the case.

Set up the gyro as per the 1st page directions, and tips from others on here.
Adjust gains until no chatter, and a little movement of control surface when moving plane around by hand.

Also, had to swap Elev and Rudder on RX and Gyro, due to mounting orientation.

Took it out for the first flight on a very windy day, one that normally wouldn't be any fun with this light a plane.
I have to say, I was very impressed with the stability that the gyro imparted on the plane in this much wind.
It felt like there was no wind, other than the times the wind literally was blowing my plane away. Handled great, all I could have expected!

Tweaked the gains up and down a little, but the initial settings were just about perfect.

Had a chance to take the plane out again, with zero wind.
Again, I'm pleased to say that the gyro did it's thing, but didn't cause any issues in windless conditions either.
I could put the plane in a hover and it would stay put, with just a touch on the control surfaces occasionally. Lowered the throttle, and the plane did a tail slide, but stayed nicely vertical.
Fooled around with the gains again, and ended up putting them back to starting position.

Roll rates, and other flight characteristics are unchanged at these gain settings.
I encountered the disconnected feeling some had mentioned as the gyro buffered the TX input a little. On this plane, I had a LOT of expo for the huge control surfaces. Cut the expo in half, and the natural feel returned.

Short version, I like it a lot, and it did exactly what I was hoping for.

I just wanted to share the experience, and also say thanks to all those that have taken the time to provide detailed feedback on setup.
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