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Hi Guys,
I can get rather "anal" about things also and was worried about where to store and charge lipo batteries from the day 6 years ago when I got into RC electric airplanes. At first, I charged them in my house, on some ceramic floor tiles, which are obviously fireproof. Then, a very informed guy on this forum mentioned to me that my charging method would prevent a possible fire, but he pointed out that the bigger problem if a lipo should "blow" is the toxic fumes that are emitted. Obviously, I don't want to kill my little dog and wife with toxic smoke (okay, at least not the dog). So, I began charging on my workbench in my garage, again on ceramic floor tiles (and the lipos in a fireproof "Lipo Sack"). With the garage door open, along with the back door out to the yard, at least if a battery "blew", the smoke would exit harmlessly out of the garage.

Now, regarding storage. Two years ago, I bought 10 high-quality lipos, again recommeded by a very informed forum member and stored them in Lipo Sacks in my garage, on top of my workbench covered with tiles. I stored them fully charged so they'd be ready whenever I went flying....and sometimes they would sit there for days or weeks, fully charged. Temperatures here in Connecticut can be very warm in the summer and cold in the winter. After 2 years of storing them in my garage and with over 200 cycles on each battery, they only recently were retired...mostly due to them swelling and losing some of their "strength". I feel I got my monies worth out of them at this point anyway.

Now, going forward, I've been convinced that I should change my storage procedure. I'm going to store them at 50% charge and only charge them as I need them. I bought a deep cycle battery that I can bring to the field and charge my batteries as I fly. I can also charge some before I leave for the field using house current from my 10amp power supply. I've been convinced that while 2 years and hundreds of cycles was a good "return on my investment", that with my new procedure, I may get even more cycles and years out of my new batch of batteries. I'll definitely let everyone know the results of my experince in a couple to three years. Obviously, it was easier to just fully charge a battery after a flight and store them fully charged. It takes a little more planning and thought to be sure to only charge what you need and sometimes, I end up having to wait for a battery to charge at the field because I didn't plan properly or I've decided to get "one last flight in". I'll see if the new procedure, with its new complications, is worth the effort.

I hope this helps,
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