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New To Nitro Tuning Problems

A few weeks ago I bought my first nitro plane, an Alpha 40 rtf. I've flown it a few times and have ran into a few issues with the engine. I'm not new to nitro or planes, I've had several nitro cars and a Hobbyzone super cub and Parkzone T28, so I know the basics of flying and nitro engines. I just need your guys opinions.

So far I've flown the Alpha 6 times, the first few flights went great, the engine ran strong and never had an issue. After 4 flights I changed the 3 blade prop to a 2 blade prop and took off the flywheel weight, cause everyone said it made the plane fly better. Ever since then the engine hasn't been running well. The weather has also changed drastically from being warm to cold between switching props affecting the tune.

The engine seems to be running rich, whenever I increase the throttle, the engine is sluggish in acceleration. And if I lean the high speed needle some the engine will cut in and out at full throttle. I haven't been able to find the sweet spot, where it'll accelerate smoothly and not cut out at full throttle.

I'm thinking that probably one of my needles is too lean and one is set to rich or I might have a possible air leak which leads me to my next question.

When I prime the engine by opening the throttle to full and plugging the air intake and flipping the prop, the fuel goes into the carb fine but as soon as I take my finger off the air intake, the fuel starts flowing backwards to where there isn't any fuel in the carb. Is this normal with nitro planes? Or is it an air leak somewhere in the tank or fuel line? With my nitro cars the fuel stays in the carb even after priming the engine.

Thanks to whoever can help, I've been thinking alot about this and still haven't been able to figure it out.
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