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Originally Posted by AndyKunz View Post
When DSM2 was introduced, there were transmitter impounds and only 6-8 pilots in the air at a time. Even then, you had to be careful about which frequencies were on the air to prevent certain combinations from causing shoot-downs.

Who expected Spektrum to change all that virtually overnight? Suddenly events that used to be big could now become monstrous, and get rid of impounds at the same time. Instead of 6-8, 60-80 pilots were flying at a time!

The system that provided reliable support for over 40 planes in the air (something beyond anybody's wildest dreams at the time) needed to support way more. Way way more! So we released DSMX - built upon DSM2.

THAT'S why DSMX came about. Not because of a "flaw" but because of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Exactly, which is why I went straight to Futaba so I could save all the worry's about the future, still using the original protocol, and still the best.

I sure get a good laugh reading all the fanboys on here, I'm sure glad I picked a hopping system right off the bat and can feel good about the product I chose. Hate to be in the other camp going on their 4th protocol and having to spend all my time in this thread trying to convince myself.
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