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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
I explained why they are USELESS on their OWN.
It is plain and simple why.

The 1.1Kg doesn't tell a thing... it might be 1.3Kg often off peak bursts.... or he might only have listed 1.1Kg as the peak burst. His number doesn't tell you a thing.
If someone NEEDS 1.1Kg, and his are burst.. then that was useless to them! As they will only get 800g ongoing etc.

Vm... no use without knowing the battery. A better battery might drop less. His might have been a 100C battery. So when you use 30C it will flounder more.
Without knowing that number it is useless too.

Those numbers only become PARTIALLY more useful, because they are low and thus tell you in this case the motor/battery were doing it fairly easily.
But in more typical and critical setups they would be severely lacking any useful information.

That is a pretty pathetic support of rubbish you have done there.... for someone who knows more.
I took your criticism as an attack.
There is no real need to denigrate anyone even if thier wrong.
Bud if you were so knowlegable you would not need to take a cheap shot like your last sentence.

Eric B.
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