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Originally Posted by f14tom View Post
Sorry to have mis-led you, vtdiy. The power supply I have is a separate unit from my LiPo charger. The power supply is supposed to put out 12 Volts and 20 Amps (somehow?). What I am confused about are the amount of voltage this power supply would put out and the amperage when I connect the cutting wire to the power. Also, I wonder if I need to regulate the voltage and/or amperage some how.
This one is probably a regulated DC supply so you can't use the router speed controllerwith it. The router speed controller works with ONLY with simple old fashioned unregulated transformer/rectifier type power supplies to provide DC, or a transformer alone to provide AC. (A hot wire can use either AC or DC since it is a simple heating element. Voltage should not exceed 24 V for most purposes. 12V is fine if you have enough current capacity (amps).)

If this is a regulated DC supply (check to make sure) you probably can use it if you put an adjustable DC regulator on the output. These are sold as LED lamp dimmers on Ebay. NOTE: that is NOT the same as an AC lamp dimmer switch.

Here's an example of a DC LED dimmer:

In this case you would wire the DC output of your power supply to the input of the DC LED dimmer. Then the output of the LED dimmer would go to the hot wire.

But you MUST be sure that your power supply is a DC 12 volt supply for the LED dimmer to work.
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