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Originally Posted by F1n1shed View Post
Glad to hear it husky, im stuck at work real eager to try mine again. Now one question I noticed my heli would usually shift to the right when it's about to hover. I didnt have much time to read that hard manual but anyone know what setting name controls the right movement. Note im not talking about the tail turning, the actual bird. Also with the quick trim switch where you click it side to side, I clicked that a few times to the left but it didn't seem to do much. So I'm trying to set it in the menu so it stays, thanks.
If the bird drifts to the right, dont mess with the trim buttons or subtrims - try the mechanical trim first to minimize it. Then do the rest with the subtrims in the TX menu.
If you wanted just to say the heli leans to the right while hovering more or less still in the air - that's caused by the head-construction and pure physics. Don't try to compensate with weight on the left skid etc, reduces only flight time and maxes tear n' wear.
To Your question of movements and terms:
Elevators does not mean elevation, it means pitch (nose up and down), ailerons means roll (bank left and right) and rudder means yaw (rotation of the axis). Throttle controls elevation on any fixed pitch heli. Speed is achieved by how much you pitch the nose down (elevators) while holding a consistent elevation by adjusting the throttle.
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