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Originally Posted by jedorme View Post
Have been flying my PZ foam T-28 almost entirely in 3D mode with great results, particularly if there is much wind. Recently I started turning on 3D for takeoffs & have noticed that as the plane starts to rotate on the ground, the nose often will abruptly dip down even past level unless I catch it before it starts. A few takeoffs have resulted in the nose gear almost hitting the ground before it starts its climbout.

Would a solution for this be to feed in a bit more up elevator even before it is at takeoff speed? I've been taking off with some nose down on the initial roll out to ensure nose wheel steering but trying to judge when to come off of it to let the plane rotate, which without the Guardian it pretty much does on its own when its ready to fly. Any ideas most welcome. Thanks,

I've had great success with my Formosa taking of in 3D heading hold. I set 3D mode, point the plane where I want it to go, stir the stick to lock it in, put the plane on the ground. Then just max the throttle and watch while Guardian executes a beautiful takeoff literally hands-off, auto-correcting any turbulance! This wouldn't work in 2D mode as Guardian would keep the plane level and probably stuck to the ground depending on the level setting.
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