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After reading Dave's and Ken's posts, a couple of comments:

Dave, after reading your post, I am guessig that in eccense, you are saying that you are gone if the moldies come out in force? You have actually opened the Pandora's Box with concern to ALES as an event and it's future. My reasoning is, I have been asked why I was even getting involved in ALES, because my friends all said that guys of your opinion and others flying less expensive airframes, would leave the scene the minute that the top end airframes showed up. Your general sentiment seems to back that up, and from what I heard, you were not happy at the Nats because there were high dollar airframes doing well in the competition. The same issues can be seen as I have watched TD in the last ten or so years with guys that basically went home looking like Charlie Brown draggin his kite because some bad guy bought a nice sailplane and they automatically felt that they were beat irregaurdless of their talent and knowledge. It can be seen at about any TD contest that a guy flying a moldie is no gaurentee of success, but in the hands of LJ, TK, Randy, Walt,, they allow these guys to utilize every possible chance to beat the competition because they have put in their time and effort to become skilled thermal fliers and that is what guys seem to miss in that equation. They could win with Radians, but they like flying moldies and that is what they got.

ALES is a relatively a simple extension of string launch TD for any TD guy that has some electric ship knowledge and a little time thinking it out. I hope that your attitude does not spread, but it could and if it does, ALES basically dies of envy and that would be a bad thing. More TD guys are coming so I hope your thoughts do not become the majority view.

Ken, you made a comment about landings and what happens when someone makes 35's or better every round. At the Nats, one guy averaged nearly 44, he had one 35 and the rest were 40 or better. As the number of more experienced fliers come out, landing scores will increase (and that is why a more graduated tape would be nice to split up the standings), no matter what the rules are.

ALES is a great event and has such promise, but if folks decide that equipment issue will be a go/no go switch they use to attend events, then ALES is in trouble already. I hope not!

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