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Originally Posted by JamesNeal View Post
...and for those so inclined, a lil' puff of da chronic makes for a sublime session.
I hear yu Bro, bit of a chug 'n' choof and there aren't no propellers ,obstacles, boundaries ,yu planes not a plane anymore she becomes a
'Homesick Angel' man

Originally Posted by GooberSB View Post
How about trimming in a little rudder on a RET so you can relax with eyes closed and really enjoy that feeling? I bet SouthPark would like that.
Nice one Sounds like my night flights with no lights you gottta use all your other senses man,it's intense but you feel so alive.

Originally Posted by Rockin Robbins View Post
. Trolls are as trolls do. Not worth the time to condemn it. We just carry on as if he weren't there.
Bro ! #110 posts in and you're still banging on about 'ignoring The troll' Aint no Trolls here Dog,just Brothers with a positive relaxed attitude, come join us man

Originally Posted by easyrider604 View Post
This brand of humor is not funny at all.
, but I am concerned about newbies or less experienced flyers and those who believe anything and everything on the internet as gospel truth.
Better hope said young blood doesn't rock up to his /her local hobby shop and purchase an RTF , I mean the box says RTF if taken literally , no need to range check, safety check just fly...........
Anyway the box should read BTF , IMHO
Brewski Then Fly.
Chill homies
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