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For anyone that's interested, here is a link to a video of the dummy load I made to test these PSUs..

Dummy Load (13 min 31 sec)

I have been blowing TVS's on my dummy load, my latest theory is that it's a faulty PSU. I am going to go home tonight and test out that theory by using a different PSU on my dummy load (I have always been using the same PSU everytime the TVS blew). One thing that makes me think it is a faulty PSU is that the isolated PSU's volatage gets unstable as current increases above about 30 or 40 amps. Has anyone else experienced this?

Tried it with a different isolate DPS-600PB. The voltage is 25v at no current and only drops .2 volts to 24.8 at 47amps but it is a solid 24.8 amps, not fluctuating around like the other one, so I think the problem was a faulty PSU after all, it was spiking up to 170v!, according to one $5 volt meter, but according to another $5 volt meter it was bouncing all around but mostly staying below 21v (which one to believe, hmm probably the high one since it was blowing the TVS diode). This is a good reason that shows why I built this dummy load in the first place, so I can test each PSU to make sure it's not faulty.
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