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Seeing the conversation about this HiTec HS-7115TH servo I thought I’d order one up from our warehouse and have a look-see for myself. Nice little unit. I’ve got no problems with the HiTec servos in general as the HS-65HBs are the ones that cured aileron flutter on my Sunracer (along with mini heli ball linkages) and I’m using one on the elevator in my Viper – over 100 flights no problem (sorry, bragging again!).

Anyway, the “7115” is nice. I fit one of the two included servo arms onto the splined output shaft and felt a little free play, but apparently it was just between the arm and the splines—not in the gear train. When I inserted and tightened the servo arm screw the free play disappeared. Same with the servo powered up – no free play that I can detect.

Wow! The servo is rather long though. Cannot say for sure, but it would probably be a little tight (span-wise) in the wing of my Viper, but I’m quite certain it would fit. It sure is slim though – only 8.25mm by my measurement.

It came with a piece of double-sided tape stuck to one side, but I have no idea what this is for. Maybe just to keep it from bouncing around in the package?

Well, here’s a couple of photos. For size reference alongside a Futaba R617FS receiver and one of the Viper aileron servo covers I molded for sebbe. It also came with a nice little mounting frame and screws—the servo sits flush with the bottom of the frame, so it doesn’t take up any more space (height-wise).

Here’s a link to the page for this servo on the Tower Hobbies site. You can view the specs for yourself;

Nice-looking servo. I’d use it in any of my speed planes.

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