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Speed cost money.
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Enerloops are a NMHI battery that is Low self discharge that is why we all like them so much. 2000 MAH and thye hold it if you do not fly for a long time they are still good to go.

The wall charger works just fine with them. But what I did not see mentioned short of your 8 Hour comment is that with the 2000MAH as compared to the stock 600-800 MAH packs it will take a long time to get a full charge on them... Most wall chargers are around 50 MAH per hour. Thus 1200 MAH per day. It is ok to let them overcharge for a while at that low of a charge rate. So if you have a completely discharged pack you may need to charge it for 2 whole days. Maybe that is why you are not getting a full day out of them.

I have a futaba 9c with synth module (power hungry setup) and I get more then 4 hours of on time off a single charge. If I take out the synth I think I get closer to 6-8 hours or flight time on a charge.

I use the wall charger to charge them unless I am in a hurry. If I am I use my flight pack charger at 1 AMP and let it go for about 30-60 min. Only good for 1/2 charge but easier on the packs and it will get me through the rest of the day. Then back to the wall charger for 24-48 hours to be ready for the next flight day.

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