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Originally Posted by flyandi View Post
Well it's not the output power that makes it happen.

Spektrum is using a 200MW Transmitter - FrSky is only using 60MW Transmitter Power Output .. still FrSky systems achieve almost twice the range of a Spektrum.. why?

DSM2 is not a frequency hoping system and the hardware doesn't has a lot of filtering either - so it receives a lot more interference and reduces range by that - that's why they compensate with transmitter power - it's cheaper.

FrSky has a real frequency hoping system called "ACCST - Advanced Continuous Channel Shifting Technology" - which basically not only hopes between the 2.4Ghz frequencies, but also does channel shifting within each frequency - providing a much better protection for interference. On top of that, FrSky is hoping to 2380 Mhz - which is barely used by other ISM devices and far away from Microwaves (2450Mhz) - it's actually brand new and only open for a couple years now (due to overcrowding of microwaves). Also the FrSky is using multiple low and high-pass filters to provide excellent filtering on the Transmitter and Receiver side - especially if you go their telemetry-route (I would highly recommend that - even you don't plan to use it).

If you get a dipole antenna, you can achieve over 5 miles of flight range. I use a 8DBI Patch with the standard RX antennas and I flew over a mile with FrSky stock without RSSI kicking-in. Man you gonna love the RSSI audio notices - it really makes live so much easier :-)

So the key is that it's not only transmitter power but a mix between highly optimized antennas, good filtered antennas and optimized transmitting technologies.
make sure we try that with my new channel settings before you turn that on with me. i got the futaba and spektrum guys out of my video feed, but aint tried that one yet.

my rssi has never moved, but i've only been 3 miles out...... lowest i've seen is 97% and that was when my video was getting blocked my dirt kinda close compared to the rest of my antics.

This weekend i'll take zeph out on a joyride to see just how far shell go and hold solid numbers. Shes ready.... 60 mph, 25-30 minutes, man, that's a hike.
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