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Originally Posted by UAV.Pilot View Post
Chilli Paste, dont get discouraged just yet, here is what I can offer you in the way of advise.

The Nex5N may be a small camera but I assure you, you will be able to get some good results from this little Gem...just think for a second of how many reality shows are filmed with the use of GoPro's...the Nex5N is IMO better than the GoPro...

Just down size your battery to maybe 1x 8000 mah pack and add the miniHDMI to composite Video and you will have FPV through your can pick these converters up through various places.

Props might be something to be considering at this point...but I really think you can get your S800 to fly up to 8000 msl...

You might have to sacrifice all the goodies, but if you lighten yours up, you should be able to use it...

Or just sell it and try something else...your choice.

Me personally, I will always keep on hand my 2x 800e's for the real least until I get a few things worked out...

Good luck!
He's right. You can get this to do some work for you and as I said; the NEX5N will be a pleasant surprise for you. No comparison to a GoPro2 by the way. Far superior in my opinion and I have both. I get GREAT video from it and even the stills in RAW are very good too. I ordered an Intervalometer from James at "Gentled" and it works great for the NEX5N. I set it for a short interval (like 2-4 seconds) and it does an amazing job. Digital film is free and I learned a while back that using the intervalometer works better for me than a trigger for each shot (I have one of those too). But this way I always get stuff that I might not otherwise have gotten.
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