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Originally Posted by Lard4Hire View Post
Hello everyone! I hope someone can help answer a few questions for me. I have searched the net but cannot find an answer.

I am going to buy a WL V929 because it looks cool, fun and can carry my #16 808 camera. It comes with a charger and uses a 500mah battery. I saw some people were using these: Tigers 1S 3.7V 600mAh 2.1Wh 15C LiPo Battery EFLB5001S. They have the same specs but 100 more mah. I have read where people love them for the V929. My question is can they be charged with the stock charger that comes with the V929? I hate the idea of having to buy a seperate charger because of the cost but having higher mah batteries gives longer flying time. I can also get a great deal on batteries like the ones that come with it (500mah) but I would prefer the extra 100 mah.

Also, I see they have the V949 with the LED's on it. Do they take up a lot of power? I would get this one if it did everything the same as the V929 and could carry my camera.

Any info appreciated!

I'm not thrilled about the Tiger 500mah LiPos (can charge with stock charger) especially with the new RX board I got for my V929. The stock battery and the Turnigy NanoTech 600mah are much better IMO, because when I use my Tigers I get the Low-battery instability/occilations not that far into a flight. While the stock and Turnigy will give good power and stability until near the end of 8-10min flight-time.

Spend the few extra bucks and order the Turnigys if you're on a budget, I bought the 5 pack of Tigers.... and I tossed them all in the fridge for "storage"
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