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Over the last few days tim, I hit a brick wall, and the hull was so beet up that I lost a little enthusiasm, but as they say He who dares, wins, and so got back onto it yesterday afternoon.
Yesterday, amongst all the gloom of what I think is a c*** hull I got round to glassing the surface tissue with polyester resin onto the planking to (not fill) cover the holes in the planking, so that the filler that I was to coat the hull with, wouldn't disappear into the casms of the inner hull.

Then last night I added the obeche blocks to bow and stern and filled in between frames above the sheer line strake with a bulwark plank.

Although this isn't needed for the motor lifeboat as the bulwarks are set just above the belting a higher bulwark is needed for the pulling and sailing boat Maude Pickup so by fixing this extra plank I can get both hulls out of one mould.

This morning I filed down the blocks, bow and stern with a black and decker power file and then went out and bought a 2kilo tub of filler.........hope that will be enough, lol, and this afternoon set about filling the hull.

It's amazing how much better it looks and I feel just after a couple of dollops of the stuff have been spread onto the hull, even in it's rough state.

I now don't feel to bad tonight and will sleep a little better.
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