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Originally Posted by FatN00b View Post
I am a n00b too and would love to see some good info on:

Proper Power "Assembly" or Group (Battery to ESC to Motor to Prop):
-Motor Specs and Prop Size (how to read specs in order to know if the motor is the right fit: enough power and enough torque for the application)
-Proper Choice of ESC to go with Given Motor for Given Applicaiton (not too big and not too small...)
-Battery Specs (3s vs 4s... And 20c vs 35c with info above how does one determine what battery to choose)

Size and Weight RANGE of Typical Multicopters:
I know it sounds a little wide but say the typical X Frame with motor to motor dimesions of ___ made at home from Wood Dowels with a Plywood "chasis" in the center, typically ranges in weight from __ to __ depending on individual components. This way we n00bs have an idea of what the completed weight will be around so we can figure out our "proper power group" instead of taking a wild guess at it: Also the typical mount made from plywood for a GoPro will add around ___ to the overall weight.

Cheap Radio:
Only decent choice I have seen is the 9x (again price wise) but then once that is in my hands (again as a n00b) do I flash it to the er9x or other firmware? I would love to see side by side compare of 9x vs er9x and the benefits of the er9x... To see if it is worth the effort for a n00b just learning to fly... I am guessing that it is something that could wait until I advanced enough to get be wanting something NEW and then I could flash my radio for a few dollars worth of parts and have something NEW to play but without spending much.
That would be one monster article to try and write, but I'll try and break it down into a few different parts and work on them. I can't promise it will be any time soon, because I don't own every motor, so will have to go searching forums to get specs for all the most commonly used motor/prop combinations for multicopters.

General theory is that for maximum hover time with most efficiency is achieved when battery weight is equal to about 50% of the total copter weight.

In theory, using a higher voltage battery should be more efficient, but poses a few problems with trying to source motors/ESCs that will work with the higher voltage Lipos.

The 9x is a great radio and you don't have to flash it with er9x firmware to be able to enjoy it. If you get one you won't be disappointed and you can always upgrade later which will give you access to more advanced mixing tables.
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