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Originally Posted by UAV.Pilot View Post
Ok I'll give it a try next. Thanks


I have not weighed it as of yet, but the only thing I am flying with is 1x 8000mah 6s battery zip tied to the bottom center. No payload yet.

Im downloading the short vid I just made, it looks like it will be uploaded in about an hour, so you will see how quick it is..
I wanted to add my two cents to any conversation regarding 'usable load' for the S800 as I have been through the wringer on this one. I live and work in Colorado. The elevation that I shoot at can be anywhere from 6,500 ft. msl to 8,500 ft msl. When I first built my S800 I foolishly did so with DJI's maximum weigh of 7 kgs. in mind. I am a pilot and I should have known better as elevation (part of the density altitude equation) is a VERY important factor when performing an accurate 'weight and balance' on any aircraft... including the S800. Imagine my disappointment when I had all sorts of issues with this brand new 7 kg multirotor at a 7,500 foot elevation that just wanted to drop like a rock on a moments notice and refused to fly laterally across the ground. no matter how high the vertical gains were dialed in.

I had to start stripping things off of the craft just to get it off the ground and make it hover efficiently. First to go was one of the two 5,000 mAh lipos. Then I had to eliminate my brand new Canon T2I camera and opt for a new Sony NEX5N at a significantly lower weight. I have a PH AV200 gimbal on board and had to also eliminate the nice twin lipo battery holder that I had fabricated because it became very apparent that every ounce was going to count in the end. Still no FPV or down-link stuff either.

So, if you are going to be shooting at a higher elevation you may want to take this into consideration. I sure wish I had.
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