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Originally Posted by PeterVRC View Post
I would not use the 2100kv, unless it is a LIGHT plane!
Your maths look fine, so 2.5mins at WOT...... maybe 3.0mins with care.
Originally Posted by AirX View Post
The 2855-2300 and the 2800-2100 tests were misquoted in the early posts and Anlucas has written a post showing the correct numbers.

Here is another post that shows a test of the 2100 is as posted here:

My 2300s run pretty much as tested by Anlucas.
Originally Posted by Extreme_RC View Post
With 43-45A you would be wanting to fly with one pack to keep the weight down. The nanotech 2200 lists at 253 grams, thats way over the weight of a true 2200 pack, have you done a 1c cycle test on your charger to see what the actual capacity is? I know guys who have put 2500 back into packs labelled as 2250! I would be inclined to go with the 2300Kv setup and use your packs as singles to start with, see how it flies, if needed get some bigger packs. Running two of yours together is going to make it pretty heavy for the power level.
Thanks Peter, Eric and Ectreme RC.
Given your suggestions I think I'll go for the 2300kV motor (maybe I'll also get the 2800 just in case I wanna upgrade later on...)

I'll check to see the actual capacity of my packs... maybe I can get some bonus seconds, hehehe.

Also, thanks to Anlucas for the test figures!

Now for more questions. Given the several possible motor kVs and cell count, does the top rpm the fan can achieve change significamtly the characteristics of the sound? Or is it just basically the same? I mean do I get a higher proportion of white noise from higher rpm setups?

Also, I came to understand the frame is also critical for the sound, and I'm trying to choose one for the 4S 2300kV setup. Any suggestions? I've been impressed by the sound on videos of a T-45 hawk (with extra cheat holes I think) and the Durafly Vampire with this fan. I don't mind adding yet another EDF to the fleet, hehe. But instead I could upgrade an FMS Dassault Alpha I already own with the CS10, but it has a double "outlet" and I don't have a clue if it will sound anything as good as these other two airframes. Anyway If it rolls and loops OK it's fine with me. Thanks for the read arrows video, ExtremeRC. I have a smaller 64mm t45 that I love to fly. No speed record needed (for now at least)

Thanks all again
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