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I like the idea of pasting onto lining paper, that's neat. Much better than my sticky tape method. Excellent.

I agree it would be nice to offer the service of dxf downloads, but dxf and dwg files and proper CAD plans... that's not something I've ever used (although I have played a lot with Sketchup). I don't have a way of editing or converting them, so any files you see on Outerzone that are in that style are there simply because they arrived inwards looking as they do. Converted from dxf into pdf, I mean. I agree it would be nice to let people download the original CAD files. And I'm sure they are small files too, which would be handy. But I don't have them. What I would suggest is that from now on, if you find that you do have a CAD version of a plan that is already listed, then you could send it in here and I'll post it as a supplement. We'd need to settle on a standard format, is it dxf or dwg?

Having just said all that, I remember now that I have TurboCAD 14 boxed up and sat here gathering dust because that's another mission I haven't got around to. Sorry hogal.

Printing on long sheets... how does that work? I just have a crummy Epson A4 printer here. Could I feed in (say) a 4 foot long x 8in wide strip into it and print a whole wing that way? That would be great.
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