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Originally Posted by rubenskubc View Post
Thanks a lot! I'll be waiting then! The calculator you sent me showed me 10.5 minutes... It's fine, i'll probably invest on a heavier battery if needed in future....
OK, time to answer your questions.

Yes, it will work with 4.7 firmware, there's even a video of it on Hobbyking:

I think you can flash this board using the lazyzero flash tool, which has a great GUI for flashing kkboards.

The ecalc app should give you your flight time.

The only difference between + and x is that in x it's easier to get the landing gear and frame out of the shot when filming. I find that flying an quad x feels a bit more like a plane than +, but maybe that's me.

tips?? hmmm? I guess my absolute best tip is to remember to cut the throttle when you crash as it saves loads of damage. Other flying tips I just listed above. Also, buy lots of props as you won't believe how many you will break.

One last thing, I noticed that you purchased a camera gimbal, but I'm not sure that the V3.0 board supports gimbal stabilisation, so you may need to just fix it in place.
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