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Some religions don't believe in blood transfusions? Who?-Elmo? We are speaking about CATHOLICS here. I'm no Catholic, but you know as well as I do the vadility of their reputation and size. Birth control is a big deal, and frankly having sex with people you won't marry is a problem by itself and you know don't pretend that it's okay to say that religions don't matter. If you don't think it's a problem, then consider your daughter or wife screwing around with their teacher......humm not such a happy picture anymore that you are painting? :rolleyes

It's boring to be repetitive, but I'll say it again. Government (tax-payers) paying for sex toys, sex control and other things is socialism, unamerican, against the constitution and something that is illegal for a reason-even under Obamacare. If private insurance companies want to pay for your birth control or sex toys, that is fine. It is just a problem if tax payers (me) pay for it, or if government forces insurance companies to pay for unrelated things. In fact it is even unamerican (maybe not unsocialistic-things sure are working out in Italy and Greece-NOT) for me to be paying for your health care. America is #1 not because of government, but because of private people making great things. People do a better job, not government. If you don't believe that, look at every example where USA dominates.

Also, you have an incredible amount of spin. Birth control does nothing for STDs. Go ask Magic Johnson that one. They have nothing to do with hormone imbalances. Other drugs treat that. Although I do not practice, I went to medical school at an inexpensive college in NYC.
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