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So last night, I managed to get in the official maiden flight of my new 9116!

It was a relatively windy day yesterday so I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to fly the 9116, but I got lucky. The wind just so happened to die down right before the daylight went away, so I took advantage of the moment and managed to get the 9116 in the air for its first flight.

She flew well!! There was a gentle breeze of maybe 5 MPH (receding from 15-20 MPH earlier in the day) and the 9116 cut into that light breeze without any struggle whatsoever. I mostly just flew in circles and tested the bird's maneuverability, but it was fun nonetheless. I also managed to trim it out a little better than my test flight in the garage earlier in the day. I didn't hit anything and I didn't crash! The flight did end with a slightly rough landing though.

Before the flight I gave a thorough (and slow) read through of the transmitter's instruction manual for the second time. After playing with the transmitter while reading the manual, I began to understand what everything meant and what its capable of. It is still is a horrible manual, and I still have questions that need clarification regarding the transmitter, but I'm sure these answers will come in time. Maybe another read through might be beneficial.

I haven't had a chance to play with the fine tuning just yet as I'm still trying to gain understanding of the transmitter features and getting used to the bird and how she flies. I'll play with these features a little later.

In the end, the flight was satisfying, entertaining, and it lived up to my expectations. Can't wait to fly the 9116 again!
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