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I was timing for someone in that round, and saw that happen. I said to the pilot at the time, that Ive never actually seen a bird come that close, and sure looked to me like contact. Totally the birds fault by the way....
Im glad to see the thread not die, since Im still in bed with a fever, and a nasty GI virus, probably the worst ive ever had. But being up all night has afforded me the opportunity to watch Team USA kicking major F3F butt at the WCs in Rugen on the live feed that Horizon genrously sponsored. Have you guys seen 17 year old Kyler? What a contest he is having. No doubt making his dad both proud, and worried about being overtaken. Check it out if you havent yet.

Speaking of father son teams one of my memorable flights from this past weekend came when John Hohensee asked me to time for him in round 12d. He and James were working together and they were head to head, AULD. Earlier in the contest John had had an ahem, "moment" in AULD on saturday where on I think the last flight, the plane never left his hand at the buzzer, and everyone just heard James either yelling "GO!" or "Throw!" but the end of the buzzer came and John did not get the throw off. So round 12d was the next AULD. We had a little laugh about it.... Well, on the first flight we were upfield, upwind, and I think we had maybe one or two other pilots on our same upfield location, with everyone else, including James down field, and closer to the tree line. It was windy, cold, and very cyclic lift. John was flying an older, heavily ballasted bagged model. John launched upfield and surfed, I remember looking at james top out and head over the trees and immediately pick up and start circling. John managed a very respectible first flight given that he never really got any meaningful lift. James I belive was one of a few, if not the only one one to max it. The second flight James landed very early. Hell have to recount what happened, but John launched and went upwind again and took some turns and found some decent air and managed a great result. He put a pounding on a lot of other pilots. The last flight. Im holding the watch, hearing the countdown, watching john in his ready position.. i hear the buzzer sound, and john is ....late... I hear myself yelling GO GO!! and he just gets it off.... The plane goes up, and over, does a complete loop and he tops it out into some decent air..... and goes on to win the round with the 1000!. It was great fun to see John get all his throws in this time, and take james down to boot! Great flying John!
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