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Originally Posted by BattleDude View Post
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I think you are going to have to consider how you want to fly your new heli before you can make a solid decision as which one to get. All the advice given here is weighted heavy towards the indivuduals preferences and flying style and flying location(inside or out).

For some people, a coax is going to be boring, for others it will be a blast. It can be alot of fun to go back to a more relaxing slower paced heli indoors. I have enough experience to fly my 120SR indoors in a small space, but I still have to be "on top of it" all the time. Exciting yes but nerve-racking at times. I am going to get an mCX2 myself, just for those times that I want to relax my brain and not really have to worry about damaging computers, furniture and such.

Fixed pitch heli's are not really intended or suitable for indoor operation, in small areas, IMHO. The most talented pilots can fly them easily indoors, but it can be a challenge for the average pilot, unless they have more room.

My advice 120SR Fan, and it is just my 2 cents, is that a coax is going to suit you better for indoor flight. I would leave the FP helis outdoors if I was you. The coax will be much easier for the "forceable missus" to learn on, I promise you.

I have seen many, many experienced pilots suggest that beginners start out with coax, and learn that first, to avoid serious dis-appointment, leading to giving up on the hobby altogether.

I wouldn't put any of your birds in the air, untill you get the HP6DSM. You are going to see how much easier they are to fly with it. It is like night and day.

Then when you upgrade to a DX6i or such, it gets even better yet, as you can change settings to make your 120 docile for indoor if you so choose, or aggressive for outdoor.

If you are going to stay in the hobby, a good programmable radio is a MUST.

Cheers Bud!
Cheers mate that was some good advice and I agree with all of it. The mCX2 is now officially on order but won't be getting used until the end of the month no matter what.

Hopefully by the time I have fixed up my 120SR your HP6DSM will have made it across the pond and I won't be tempted to use the stock one, I have a feeling it will come tomorrow.
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