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Originally Posted by Greywing View Post
I suppose that's the case for not putting on the throttle cut while flying. For myself, I lock the throttle when I first turn on the TX, during all ground handling and right after I land to prevent just what you experienced. I've been known to accidentally hit the throttle at the most inopportune times.
Normally, I do exactly what you do, and I love the extra safety the throttle cut switch provides. I don't know if it was the altitude or the excitement of finally hitting the perfect day, but when I launched the plane, the throttle was disabled but I didn't know it. All the time I was flying (3 flights) I was under the illusion that the throttle was good to go if I got into any trouble. Then on the 3rd flight I got into some trouble and hit the throttle stick and nothing happened. It was only then that I realized the switch was still flipped. If I had only left well enough alone and let it land by itself, there would have been no problem.

I learned a couple of lessons yesterday. One is to not let it get too far behind you where there is no slope lift. The other is not to get caught again thinking the throttle is available when it is not. I'm sure that all the purists who believe the prop is a crutch would get a good laugh out of this.
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